The 5 Best Notion Templates for Students

Notion is a powerful note-taking and productivity tool. With features to organize notes, classes, lectures, and more, it can be an invaluable resource to aid studies and navigate student life. If you want to know what are the best Notion templates for students, you’ve come to the right page.

The 5 best idea templates for students

In this article, we’ve listed five of the best Notion templates designed specifically for students. Our selection includes customizable templates to suit your needs, support you in some of the different aspects of student life and help you get the most out of your experience.

Top 5 term templates for students

resonance calendar

The well-known doctor and YouTuber Ali Abdaal invented the resonance calendar. The idea is that you use the template as a space to essentially bookmark your thoughts based on content that resonated with you. You can engage with media you found valuable by taking notes and reflecting on them.

You can add book names or excerpts from news articles, podcasts, blog posts, or quotes that inspired you. This template can benefit students as it is meant to be used as extra storage space.

This active recall and retrospection of resonated content can help you be more conscious about the content you consume. This can help spark unique ideas and inspiration for assignment and project work.

Campus Life Organizer

If you live in college, the Campus Life Organizer would be the perfect template for you. As the name suggests, it is designed to help you organize your life on campus. Its features are specifically designed to help you balance the challenges of campus life with your studies:

  • The “Planner” is the place to add all your important dates like exams, class registrations, assignment deadlines, etc.
  • The “Time Blocker” allows you to plan the details of your day by creating specific blocks of time for your tasks and responsibilities. You can specify the times for your classes, breaks and dedicated study time, etc.
  • The Networking feature helps you get more out of the networking events you attend by noting the contact details of professionals you’ve met. It includes a How We Met section, which is ideal for reminding you – so you can remind them of who you are and the circumstances under which you met. A great icebreaker for the next time you meet up.
  • The Goals feature lists and tracks your goals for each semester and keeps you accountable.
  • The “Budget Tracker” is another fantastic feature designed to support your independence. It helps you keep track of your monthly expenses to avoid overspending.
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class notes

Class Notes is another great template if your focus is on note management. This template will help you organize your important notes in one place for quick access. The template is essentially a spreadsheet that you can start working in or customize to suit your needs. The spreadsheet stores all your note entries for future reference or revision.

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Customization options include adding status check categories, class name, and class type. You can add attachments and web links to materials to add additional context to your notes. Groups can also be created to share notes.


The application template is useful for the time until graduation. Since you probably want to apply for jobs, this template will help you keep your job search activity in order and help you plan your applications.

This table contains all the main job search categories. Just add your entries to the spreadsheet as-is or customize it to suit your preferences. To keep track of the stages you are in for each job, you can attach the cover letters and resumes used for each application.

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reading list

The reading list template was created to help you keep track of all the different literature you want to read – recommended by your class or otherwise. The dashboard is designed to make sure you don’t miss out on any content as you populate it with books you want to read, scholarly journals, and podcasts. Since this template also supports Notion Web Clipper, you can save web pages and links directly from the web into your template.

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Other Notable Concept Templates for Students

Other Notation templates that are very helpful for students include:

Spaced Repeat

This is an evidence-based learning technique used to combat the “forgetting curve”. The idea is that you time your study sessions by slowly increasing break times to avoid cramming material. This allows you to remember more while reducing your overall study time.

If you are using the “Repeat Space” template, you should review the material within eight hours of initializing the study. then after one day, then seven days, then 20, then 35 – until you can get used to the topic.

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Kanban board

The kanban board template helps you track your tasks with a simple visual display that provides a quick status overview. It works by listing them all up to the deadline in the first column, the second column is reserved for the tasks you are currently working on and the third is for completed tasks.

productivity system

The Productivity System template is perfect for helping you juggle your deadlines and projects. It’s designed to help you break everything down into smaller parts and then allocate blocks of time to complete each part. This template also allows you to add links to files and documents needed to complete your sections.

1642403774 34 The 5 Best Notion Templates for Students - The 5 Best Notion Templates for Students

More frequently asked questions

Where can I find more term templates?

The best place to find Notion templates is in the Notion Template Gallery.

How can I use notion most effectively as a student?

How Notion is used varies from student to student. Since details on how it can help you in your studies and how to use it would be too much information to include here, we have included the link to this information on their official website.

As a student, why should I use Notion Templates?

There are many reasons you might want to use Notion templates as a student:

• You can have all your college notes in one place

• You can work in one place without having to open multiple apps

• They can store a significant amount of information

• You can adapt templates to your personal needs and preferences

• They help organize your studies and life outside of the classroom

• They are ready to use to save you time

• They can be used offline

• They are free!

Manage your college experience with Notion Student Templates

As a student, you can take advantage of Notion’s selection of customizable templates, specifically designed to help you manage and organize college life. They provide space to store college notes, reading lists, class schedules, applications, budgets and more. Notion allows you to free up some brain space to focus on doing your best.

After showing you some of the best Notion templates for students, have you decided to download and try one of the suggested templates? How could a Notion student template help you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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